Praise for My Book

Praise for My Book

Everest Strong Book Rule

Motivation is the key with any challenge, and Rob Besecker has plenty, as he depicts in this amazing  adventure. Having had the pleasure of meeting Rob in Antarctica in 2010, I’m happy to see his aspirations come to completion as he continues to move onward and upward here in Everest Strong.

— PETER HILLARY, mountaineer, son of Sir Edmund Hillary, and coauthor of In the Ghost Country: A Lifetime Spent on the Edge

Everest Strong is a story that reminds us all that when we have willpower and determination, we are able to accomplish our goals despite what life has given us. Rob Besecker has shown us that it is possible to accomplish anything if you are passionate about what you want to achieve. There is no summit that is too high to achieve. Climb high and climb on!

JAMLING TENZING NORGAY, mountaineer, son of Tenzing Norgay Sherpa, and author of Touching My Father’s Soul: A Sherpa’s Journey to the Top of Everest

Everest Strong is compelling, raw, and inspiring. Rob’s strength and tenacity shine through even in the most challenging of times. He effortlessly pulls the reader into his world and leaves them feeling full of hope and ready to overcome their own challenges head first.

LISA HARVEY-DUREN, former founding executive director and board member of the Myotonic Dystrophy Foundation

Life has a maddening tendency to toss a curveball at just the wrong time. No matter the problem or provocation, Everest Strong will guide you to the silver lining and beyond. Besecker’s brilliant memoir is an inspired testament to the power of perseverance and a welcome reminder that redemption is always within reach.

JIM SKOGSBERGH, president and CEO, Advocate Health Care

I had the honor of meeting Rob Besecker in Nepal in 2015. We had something in common: a dream. He wanted to reach Everest Base Camp; me and my team, the Everest and Lhotse summits. After a couple of days, we, as a team, were convinced of something: Rob was a real hero. Any other person facing similar circumstances wouldn’t be there. But he was. Reading this memoir, I am as inspired as I was the day I saw him arrive to the Base Camp—making his dream come true, one step at a time.

RODRIGO LARA-FERNANDEZ, training and development consultant and mountaineer

This is the kind of book the world needs today. We need good stories and real heroes. Here you have both: a great man facing a tremendous challenge, as a hero. What an inspirational story.

ERNESTO OLIVARES-MIRANDA, speaker and mountaineer

Everest Strong is Rob Besecker. Like being born with a genetic disease, climbing a mountain requires a special skill and strength to navigate the path. Advising Rob through his life as one of his doctors, I find his choices give us all hope and motivation. He knew I wasn’t thrilled about his going up a mountain, but this book shows us how he did everything to coordinate and prepare expertly and convince us all of the importance of this mission while pursuing his goal.

ELIZABETH MCNALLY, ward professor and director, Center for Genetic Medicine, Northwestern University

Everest Strong is triumphant—a must-read! I was impressed and inspired by Rob Besecker’s attitude and perspective. He shows all of us that it’s not what life deals you but how you react, and the importance of following your heart. Everyone who reads this book will contemplate their heart, their strength, and how they live their life.

AUGIE NIETO, chairman of ALS Therapy Development Institute, cofounder of Life Fitness and Augie’s Quest to Cure ALS, and coauthor of Augie’s Quest: One Man’s Journey from Success to Significance

Rob Besecker’s strength and, even more impressive, his never-ending positive attitude, shine through in Everest Strong. He has endured so much yet continually displays remarkable courage and grace that inspires all who have the pleasure of knowing him. I have been touched by his patient advocacy and tireless desire to raise awareness. He is truly an awe-inspiring heart warrior.

HOLLY MORRELL, founder and executive director, Heartfelt Cardiac Projects

This is a story of resilience, perseverance, perspective, mindset, and passion, and a shining example of the power of the human spirit to overcome overwhelming odds to live a rich, full life. If you want confidence and courage to take on your own challenges and live life full-out, no matter what life throws your way . . . you need to read Everest Strong!

CHRISTINE SUVA, founder and president of THRIVE Coach Services, Inc. and coauthor of Conscious Business Growth and The Change 7: Insights into Self-Empowerment

Everest Strong is a highly inspirational true story offering enduring encouragement to readers, whatever challenges they face. The brave choices the author makes to embrace life when all odds are against him will uplift and remain with you.

TERRI SEVERIN, speaker and author of In the Wake of the Storm: Living Beyond the Tragedy of Flight 4184

A mutual friend introduced me to ‘an incredible guy you just have to meet’ several years ago. I didn’t know much regarding his health until I spoke with him. You would never know from looking at Rob the health challenges that have been put in front of him and his ability to conquer them. His strength and confidence show in his personality and his zest for life. Everest Strong is raw and real—just like Rob—and just like him, it shows us all that the sky is the limit.

KELLI MCDONALD, MS Run the US relay runner

Everest Strong Book Rule

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